The Greek Alphabet

The Greek alphabet is composed of beautiful letters that have withstood the test of time. Learning the Greek alphabet is not difficult. Below is a chart of the Greek alphabet that contains every Greek symbol, their names, and how to transliterate them into the English alphabet. If you want to learn how to pronounce the letters of the alphabet click here to see and hear the standard conventions.

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Below, the letters from the Greek alphabet are images rather than letters in one of the specific Greek fonts. This means that every computer system should display all of the letters of the Greek alphabet. Please refer to the above links to learn more about the Greek language.
Upper &
Lower Case
English Transliteration1 Name of the letter
a alpha
b bēta
g gamma
d delta
e epsilon
z zēta
ē ēta
th thēta
i iota
k kappa
l lamda
m mu
n nu
x xi
o omicron
p pi
r (rh when initial) rho
s sigma
t tau
u upsilon
phi phi
ch chi
ps psi
ō ōmega

1 The letters of the alphabet used in transliteration are helpful to find English words that have come from the Greek. For example, words which have an initial rh or ph are usually Greek in origin.